What type of 5 star reviews are hurting your business?

Most business owners we talk to understand how valuable online reviews are for their business. The challenge virtually all businesses have is getting consistent online reviews. It’s because of this some businesses are willing to take whatever online reviews they can get to increase their numbers.

However, not all 5-star reviews are created equal.

First and foremost it’s extremely important to understand online reviews are designed for prospective customers to learn about a business. They give prospective customers a virtual window into the business from a real customer’s experience.

As more and more businesses focus on the number of 5-star reviews, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that some of their reviews provide very little value to prospective customers into their business.

There are 2 types of reviews that add very little value to the business.

  1. Employee Perspective. A good example of this is from a Business Consulting Firm in Virginia. They did an excellent job in their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts being mentioned 8 times on the first page when we Googled particular key phrases. The issue comes in when you read their Google Reviews. 5 out of the 6 reviews appear to be employees giving them 5-star reviews because it’s a good place to work or just an empty 5-star review altogether.


2. The second type of 5-star review that could hurt a businesses credibility is business to business reviews when your primary customers are consumers. Again, this might help a business with their search rankings, however, if your primary target is consumers potential customers are looking to read previous customer experiences not previous business partner experiences.

Getting customer reviews can be challenging and sometimes frustrating, however, customer online reviews are targeted to share real customer experience and provide transparency to potential customers into your business. The only true shortcut is to continue providing excellent service and online reviews should follow. A great tool to help a business increase their online reviews in real time is RealiReveiws.

Is there anything wrong with getting these types of reviews? No. It does help with a company’s SEO, but the question every business needs to ask themselves is, are we willing to increase our search ranking in exchange to potentially hurt our credibility when a potential customer read our reviews on multiple sites.

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