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Why are my real customer’s Yelp reviews hidden or filtered?

Yelp is a social networking site that focuses on allowing its members to review, rate, and share information about local businesses for free. This allows visitors to read reviews and find highly recommended local businesses.

Online Reviews have become big business. Good online reviews can increase business, while bad online reviews can hurt business.

With so much at stake fo … Continue Reading Article

The key benefits of negative online reviews and how to handle them.

One of the key aspects of growing any business is providing superb service day in and day out. Outstanding service can drive word-of-mouth marketing as well as positive online reviews for future growth. However it’s virtually impossible to keep every customer happy, and when you see a negative online review it can feel like your online reputation was damaged overnight. Your immediate … Continue Reading Article

How online reviews give your business a huge competitive advantage

There are literally dozens of studies that show word of mouth marketing is the most effective type of marketing on the planet. Why? The reason is simple. A customer is giving their unique personal story and endorsement about your business which creates instant trust. That’s why online reviews are so critical to the success of a business. It allows a customer to provide a permanent story a … Continue Reading Article

Why 90% of potential customers only contact 10% of small businesses

Consumers are literally in the driver’s seat when using the internet to choose a small business. So it is critical for small businesses to understand what it is that has such a huge influence on who they choose.  For the purpose of this article we will only focus on service based businesses.

Most service based businesses are reactionary based which means a consumer is only … Continue Reading Article

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